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Bali Swing Ubud, A Recreational Place That Triggers Adrenaline on the Island of the Gods Bali Swing Ubud is popular among tourists for its unspoiled natural beauty. Recreational spots that trigger adrenaline on the Island of the Gods with the best photo spots. Bali has long been one of the islands which has become the most attractive holiday destination for both local and international tourists. Not only is it famous for its beach tourism, but recently there is a location that is trending so that it makes people curious. Bali Swing Ubud is the name of a tourist spot in the Gianyar Regency, where if you are there you will find a different sensation. Treats a very beautiful natural panorama, and really spoil the visitors. Therefore, it is not surprising that every day there are always many people who flock to it. Picheaven Bali Swing Tickets Currently, Bali Swing is a tourist destination that is in the spotlight because of its superiority and uniqueness. If you are planning a vacation with your family visiting this place would be highly recommended. But before that it would be nice if you understand the explanation below. Bali Swing is a tourist destination that carries the concept of nature as a scenic background. When you enter, you will feel cool, beautiful and rustic. Because indeed the right and left sides are still filled with shady trees that have not been touched. There are various types of trees that surround this place. So even though the sun is hot, you won't feel the heat because it's blocked by the branches and leaves of the existing trees. That way you can enjoy the atmosphere without having to fear the heat. 2. The Sensation of Playing Swings in Nature Not only is the view amazing, but what is the main spot of this tourist spot is the swing at an altitude of 35 meters from the ground. To be able to try it, you need a strong mentality and guts. For people who have a phobia of heights, trying this ride is not recommended because it will trigger extraordinary fear if forced. The first thing you will feel is a tense sensation and excitement that will not be found on other tours. How could it not be when the swing starts to be launched then you will float in the air freely like flying birds. That way you can be sure that your heart will race strong and the adrenaline will be increasingly challenged. When swinging back and forth, the panoramic beauty of the Ayung river valley from tropical tree species, the cliffs will be a treat that you can enjoy from a height. Moments like this are sure to provide valuable experiences for you and must be captured. Interestingly, there is not only 1 swing that you can try, but 4 pieces that are ready. That way you don't have to stand in line for too long when you want to feel the extreme level offered by this game. There is no limit on hours of play so that visitors can play to their heart's content. Even though it's the first time trying a swing at a height, you don't need to worry because safety is guaranteed. Relax your mind with all that nature has to offer at the Bali Swing and unite your feelings with nature through high altitudes by playing on the swings. The beautiful scenery coupled with a beautiful and clean environment will add to your comfortable impression. This is the attraction that the next Bali Swing has, where there will not be any trash scattered around and the surrounding conditions are left natural. To enjoy it you can sit in the places provided while resting your body after you are tired of playing. It can be guaranteed if the feeling of not wanting to leave this location will ambush so that it makes you addicted to visiting it again if you have free time. Bali Swing has a strategic location for tourists who don't want to stop at just one place. Because this one natural destination is very affordable from other Ubud tourism locations. So you don't have to waste time packing holiday events in a full day. Not only that, your energy will not be wasted traveling from one location to another. Only 30 minutes is enough for sure you've arrived at your next destination. Even though the Bali Swing has rides that are the main prima donna, it should be noted that this place also has various other types of adventure tourism that are no less exciting. You can try all of these to add an interesting experience. The adventures include Quad Bikes, elephant rides with their handlers, safari tours, rafting on the Ayung River, traveling around the location and watching waterfalls using a VW car, and many others. Of course, the completeness of this game will make you reluctant to leave this location.a very high swing game and will test the adrenaline level of visitors. You will be told by the officers to climb onto a swing tens of meters high in the air as if you were flying above a piece of wood. From above you can see a very amazing view. That's why it's a shame if you don't try it. Because the tempting expanse of nature is already waving as if inviting you to have fun with it. As explained earlier, the best spot in Bali Swing is swinging at a height. Therefore, of course the management provides adequate swings with various models. That way visitors can be comfortable while playing and beautiful when taking pictures There are quite a lot of facilities for taking pictures at this one tourist spot. For example, a giant cage that is uniquely designed so that it is very suitable to be used as a background for taking pictures. Besides that, of course there are many others that you can capture.
Thus complete information about what the Bali Swing Ubud tour has. It will be even more memorable if you come together because there are lots of fun games you can try together. For that, don't forget to include the name of this place in your list of holiday destinations to Bali.


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